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Hear From Our Supporters

“I have had the opportunity to be at the cross-hairs of the corporate, philanthropic, and economic development community's efforts to empower under-served small business owners, including working with the SBA, MBDA, CDFls, and various elements of the capital ecosystem. The Lonely Entrepreneur and Its Learning Community not only provide a "one stop shop" that offers technical assistance and access to Capitaland networks but provides the ability to do so at scale. Providing under-served entrepreneurs the ability to get answers through unlimited group coaching and a place to answer their questions is an invaluable tool many need."

­­­­­— FRED WHITFIELD Charlotte Hornets Sports & Entertainment President & Vice Chairman

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"We’re excited to host our third annual Hornets Innovation Summit for 2023, and to again be working alongside Bank of America to propel local minority entrepreneurs and businesses forward. The Innovation Summit has become one of our favorite initiatives, and we look forward to seeing this year’s pitches and meeting some incredible people doing some incredible work within our community. Building on the success of the past two years, we’re especially proud that every applicant will receive upgraded complimentary business resources thanks to our friends at Bank of America and The Lonely Entrepreneur."

­­­­­— FRED WHITFIELD Charlotte Hornets Sports & Entertainment President & Vice Chairman


"I have had the opportunity to be the Chief Diversity Officer at Discover Financial leading the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy for the last four years. It has been a privilege to meet many entrepreneurs who created businesses to help address the issue of lacking access to needed resources. The program created by The Lonely Entrepreneur and its Black and Hispanic Initiatives do just that. By providing a "one-stop shop" resource for entrepreneurs, we are providing an opportunity to realize their full potential, address systemic challenges and lead to greater economic opportunity. I am proud to lend this letter of support for The Lonely Entrepreneur and encourage you to support their efforts."

- JONITA WILSON Chief Diversity Officer Discover Financial

"All of us have potential. But so many of the underserved lack opportunity, and in many ways entrepreneurship is where potential can meet opportunity. The Lonely Entrepreneur - through its Black Entrepreneur Initiative and its Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative - has created a program that provides so many entrepreneurs with that opportunity to not only create a business but to live a more fulfilling life. As one of the global experts in DEI in sports, entertainment, and retail, I highly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that The Lonely Entrepreneur is providing to have a real impact on our communities."

­­­­­— JARVIS SAM TLE Ambassador Former Global Head of DEI – Nike

"We are proud to partner with The Lonely Entrepreneur and their Black Entrepreneur Initiative as we collectively celebrate Juneteenth. Entrepreneurism can be a lonely path, so the resources and support structure provided by the Black Entrepreneur Initiative will provide the tools to assist Nashville Black entrepreneurs in their quest to be business leaders. To provide these business tools at no expense is a tremendous opportunity to the entrepreneur. We are humbled to play our part in strengthening the Black business community."

­­­­­— BRIAN MOFFIT CEO Richard Petty Motorsports

"We could not be more excited about the world class partners we have anchoring this program. The Lonely Entrepreneur provides the type of resources and support that the entrepreneurs in our program so sorely need."

­­­­­— AYANA GREEN Vice President - Small and Medium Sized Businesses, UPS

"The Learning Community offers entrepreneurs unique tools so that they can strengthen their ventures and where they can also be linked to a global network of entrepreneurs which can increase their probability of success.

OMAR SAUCEDO Manager of Microsoft's Techspark in Mexico

"We are honored to partner with The Lonely Entrepreneur. As a partner of the Dallas Mavericks, The Lonely Entrepreneur has been a vital contributor in our efforts to empower and support underrepresented communities in Dallas-Fort Worth through our flagship business development initiative, Mavs Business Assist (MBA)."

— TEDDY GRAVES VP CSR Dallas Mavericks

"As someone who has been blessed by good fortune and professional success, I know first-hand the positive impact that the assistance of others can have on that journey. The Black Entrepreneur Initiative has a real and positive impact on the lives of young Black men and women entrepreneurs who often face systemic racism and other challenges that make starting and growing businesses even more arduous. Putting critical business knowledge and support in the hands of entrepreneurs is vital to successful outcomes."

NBA Veteran, Member of Knight Commission on College Athletics, Columbia University Professor

"Entrepreneurship is hard, and the challenges of starting your own business are even greater because of COVID. When you layer it on top of being a Black entrepreneur, it’s even more difficult. There’s an opportunity here to make entrepreneurship an even larger part of the Black community, thus growing jobs and local economies. It’s an investment in communities that haven’t had resources like this. It’s another example of how Molson Coors is uniting together to support our hometown communities and to champion diversity." ­­ — MICHAEL NORDMAN Senior Community Affairs Manager Molson Coors
"We find that for the Black men and women in our communities, entrepreneurship is a path that is essential to their ability to fulfill their potential, gain access to the middle class and to provide much needed goods and services to their communities. The Chicago Bulls would welcome the opportunity to provide the Black Entrepreneur Initiative to the youth of our Chicago communities with funding that is made available from the NBA Foundation." — ADRIENNE SCHERENZEL-CURRY Vice President of Community Engagement Chicago Bulls
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"With a combined 50+ years of direct involvement with the criminal justice system, we know the challenges that Returning Citizens face firsthand. Research supports that the “lack of education” and “poverty” are contributing factors to the cause of crime. The Lonely Entrepreneur platform directly addresses these social factors. Thus, we are proud to fully support TLE and the remarkable work they are doing regarding bridging the gap for underserved communities who find themselves at an economic disadvantage. TLE provides the platform that equips one with the education to level the playing field and economically empower those communities." — JOEL CASTON & MICHAEL WOODY TRi.A.D. – Three Aspects of Development, LLC